Crossing Over Boundaries


Amazing Obstacles in Life

Growing up with 2 loving parents and a relatively easy childhood gives me complete respect for someone who had so many obstacles in turning out to be a person completely free of addictions and a loving parent. Debra Collins had one of the most difficult lives that I have ever read. The author never seems to feel sorry for herself but has faced her obstacles and completely surmounted them. She is more matter of fact that horrible things happened to her and some by her, however, she never really gave up. Definitely a good read whether or not you’ve had the same experiences in life.

Susan B

Crossing Over Boundaries

Let me start off by saying Mrs. Collins I respected you very much for telling your story. A lot of us out here couldn’t telling our stories because we aren’t brave enough. Thank u for having the courage to tell yours. Next I will say that anyone who has been threw any abuse or rape or anything like this there is help out there, just take that first step. And I am sure Mrs. Collins would tell you where to get it. Thank you again Mrs. Collins for writing about your life. I feel your story has already helped a lot of people.

Amanda Simmons

Very Honest and Courageous

As a childhood friend of the author, I recognize many of the people and places described in this well written piece. Of course, as kids, we new nothing about Debra’s plight as a young girl. Her experiences endured, described thoroughly and brutally honest, sometimes was a little tough to read. As a recovering alcoholic myself, her downward spiral into alcoholism and drug addiction really hit home, as I experienced many of the same things in my former life. Debra’s road to recovery and sobriety is an uplifting and beautiful account of a woman at the bottom of her life, taking action and making it out alive. This is a great demonstration of what is possible for those women out there that are caught in the hideous disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Victims of sexual abuse may feel empowered to tell someone about their lives as a result of reading about one woman’s courageous battle. Good job, Deb, this book will help many.


Inspiring and Amazing

I grew up in the same town, went to the same school and hung out in all the same places as the author but my story was the complete opposite of hers. She writes of her memories, some extremely sad and the tragic things she endured and it tears at your heart. She is a woman of courage and I know her story will help many others to know they are not alone and there is always hope. You follow her journey of finding herself and her strengths to see how she has become the strong, independent, and amazing woman she is today. I am in awe. Do yourself a favor and read her words……..you will never forget her story.


Crossing Over Boundaries is Truly Inspirational 

Prepare to have the gamut of your emotions checked. This story of Debra’s life will hit you hard all over, from low to high. It is not only the story that will get to you, but her will and sheer determination to survive that puts it all into perspective. As the author states, she has told her innermost deep dark secrets to show the depths that she has gone to now, her recovery from all of that despair. It is the author’s hope to show that even in the deepest blackest part of one’s life, there is always hope. There is always a way and there is always someone out there willing to help. She is leading by example and is a true inspiration. This book is truly a “must read” for those willing to help or for those, that unfortunately have been in her shoes.

g mill

Very Real and Personal Journey

This was an amazingly personal and heartfelt book. The authors journey will take you on an emotional and inspirational ride. There is help and hope even when choices or the paths of life lead in the wrong direction. I connected with this book and wish the author well.


Crossing Over Boundaries

A truly inspiring and deep book that brings us through the life of a young girl in pain. We start out crying and deeply saddened by what this girl had to go through and as the years pass with her we see the roller coaster of the life she lived and how she victoriously works her way out of the darkness and into the light with focus and faith. I applaud Debra.

Kelly Sexton

Loved This Book!

This is an open, honest story about a girl and the life of abuse she endured and the beautiful recovery made. It also is a journey of hope through faith and determination. A must read for anyone who has been through or knows someone who has been through a life of abuse!


Journey of the Heart:

Crossing Over Boundaries is a gripping tale of survival told from the heart. Debbie’s way of sharing her story is matter-of-fact. While it is intimate in detail, she doesn’t get mired down in feeling sorry for herself. After finishing the book, I felt hopeful, that in the end, love is what matters.

Devine Daytripper


Once in a great while you come across a book that actually has a message. This is one of them. Through the Authors telling of her own story, one can learn there is hope, a chance to heal the pain of the past, and a way past all the wreckage of lives gone wrong. Essentially, I read my story as told by a woman. One cannot help but respect the author for having the courage and strength to tell her story.

Clifton Grassly

Thank You

Very well written, simply written, and raw and authentic. Resonated deeply with me. Thank you! Will refer this book to others.

Claire Everett

Amazing Woman

Debra is an amazing woman. She is unbelievably strong! I am so proud of her for writing this book. Just speechless how she made it thru life. Always took the small good things in her life as blessings!


Excellent Read

This book was very well written. The author touches on a very sensitive subject. This story is full of real tragedy and pain. It’s also full of triumph and forgiveness. Parts were hard for me to read, personally due to the subject matter, but this is life. It happens and you overcome.

Tulah Saunders

Thank You for Your Bravery

As an avid reader, I am always on the lookout for literature that moves me. I want something that touches my soul. Deborah Collins tells an amazing story of survival. Caught in a web of sexual abuse at her father’s hand, her life fell into a downward spiral that was hard to pull out of. And yet, she manages somehow to rise above great challenges, tremendous loss and impossible odds.I found this to be an inspirational story that may help others to find their freedom and healing. Thank you Debra.


Thought Provoking and Touching with a Happy Ending

This brave and honest look at addiction, abuse and recovery is so inspiring. The book is well written and even in the dark moments the positive spirit of the author shines through. I will be thinking about Debra Collins and her struggles for quite some time. She has given us much to think about.

I highly recommend this book for anyone that has a loved one that struggles with addiction. Guaranteed to give you insight and hope for their future. So well written. I was deeply moved by the authors authenticity. Perhaps we can all learn from her journey. The world could use more understanding and empathy.

Her story is simply amazing. The tenacity she showed is impressive. She did the hard work to get healthy and sober by healing her wounds. I am sure there are lessons every reader will take away. Amazingly Debra Collins educates us without us even noticing because she tells her story with such grace. You will be rooting for her with the turn of every page.

Tara Wilson