Be Kind – Consider it as an Art

The Art of Being KIND Being kind is essentially an art and takes practice. It takes rethinking the way that we think at any given moment and work at being KIND. Now that I’m older and have grown more into “me”, I want to strive to be even more kind. I am at times inContinue reading “Be Kind – Consider it as an Art”

Forgiveness – Part Two of the Story…

Letting Go Forgiveness is the ability to let go of a burden someone has put on your soul.  The feeling of anger and resentment can eat you up inside. It is a lot to carry indefinitely until you decide not to carry it anymore. Forgive: (verb) To stop feeling angry or resentful towards someone. Forgiveness:Continue reading “Forgiveness – Part Two of the Story…”

Am I Right, Left or Me?

I remember growing up hearing that there are three (3) topics you should never talk about in a group setting: Politics Religion Taxes These taboo topics have broadened into more subsets of topics, more than I care to list. For the younger generations (that may not have heard this list before), this advice is sharedContinue reading “Am I Right, Left or Me?”