The “To Do” List Lurking in Your Mind

It’s nagging, lurking, weighs heavy and sometimes keeps you up at night. It’s the “To Do” list. The key is to transition that burden into a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. When I get something done that I have wanted “to do” for a while, I get a feeling of happiness and I feel lighter.Continue reading “The “To Do” List Lurking in Your Mind”

Loss and Forgiveness – A Two-Part Story

Surviving Loss July 13th was the twenty-year anniversary of my mom’s death. Because of our tumultuous relationship, it was a very difficult loss for me. Twenty years later I still reflect on the memories before and after she died. The second part of this story will be about forgiveness. I had to find a wayContinue reading “Loss and Forgiveness – A Two-Part Story”